TUI seminar series launched

We are delighted to announce the launch of the new TUI seminar series.

In March we will be kicking off with Planning for the Just City presented by special guest speaker Prof Susan Fainstein. In May we have scheduled Urban Design for Mental Health Mid to Post Covid-19 with Prof Jenny Roe.

For our next seminar in September, Euan Leitch, Chief Executive SURF – Scotland’s Regeneration Forum, will talk on 20 Minute Neighbourhoods: New Policy, Old Idea.

We will also have PGR seminars where our TUI research students will be presenting their research. In the first of these Manlin Li will share her research on Experiences of older people and social inclusion in relation to smart cities: A case study of Chongqing, China and Mina Sufineyestani will present her findings on Healthy home design: favourite places at the building edge and their restorative qualities.

The next PhD student seminar is at 2:30 pm on Wednesday 6 October via MS Teams. Presentations are as follows:

Lisa Lavia

Soundscape, engagement and spatial planning: An exploration of perceived control, annoyance, indirect health outcomes and wellbeing for sustainable development”

Ana Miret Garcia

“Interpretations of urban vitality in newly developed residential areas. Cases in the peripheries of Madrid and Edinburgh.”

Presentations will be for 20 minutes followed by questions.

Please see our Events and Seminars listings for the full schedule.