TUI seminar

OCTOBER 11TH 2023     12-1:00PM UK time SPECIAL GUEST SPEAKER – PROF RICARDO GARCIA MIRA Professor Ricardo García Mira and he is going to present:  The social impact of energy transition in Europe: socio-psychological factors: The de-territorialisation process in Coal and Carbon-intensive regions has raised critical constraints for management, because the progressive weakening of […]

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PhD Seminar

Our next TUI PGR seminar will be in EC.G34 on Tuesday 31st October 2023, 12-1PM. Our speaker is Jess Bowden, an external JWS PhD candidate supervised by Craig Kennedy and Ryan Woolrych, who is about to start Year 3 of her studies. The title of her PhD is ‘Exploring the links between heritage, memory and […]

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20 Minute Neighbourhoods: New Policy, Old Idea?

SEPTEMBER 22ND 3-4PM UK TIME   Speaker: Euan Leitch, Chief Executive SURF – Scotland’s Regeneration Forum The Scottish Government is placing the 20 minute neighbourhood concept at the heart of a number of policy agendas, from health to climate crisis. It’s a concept championed in Paris, Portland and Melbourne but Scotland appears to be the first place to attempt […]

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