The Next PGR Research Seminar

The next PGR Research Seminar is at 2:30 pm on Wednesday 6 October via MS Teams. Presentations are as follows: Lisa Lavia “Soundscape, engagement and spatial planning: An exploration of perceived control, annoyance, indirect health outcomes and wellbeing for sustainable development”  Ana Miret Garcia “’Interpretations of urban vitality in newly developed residential areas. Cases in the peripheries of Madrid and Edinburgh.” Presentations […]

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20 Minute Neighbourhoods: New Policy, Old Idea?

SEPTEMBER 22ND 3-4PM UK TIME   Speaker: Euan Leitch, Chief Executive SURF – Scotland’s Regeneration Forum The Scottish Government is placing the 20 minute neighbourhood concept at the heart of a number of policy agendas, from health to climate crisis. It’s a concept championed in Paris, Portland and Melbourne but Scotland appears to be the first place to attempt […]

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