PhD Seminar

Our next TUI PGR seminar will be in EC.G34 on Tuesday 31st October 2023, 12-1PM.

Our speaker is Jess Bowden, an external JWS PhD candidate supervised by Craig Kennedy and Ryan Woolrych, who is about to start Year 3 of her studies.

The title of her PhD is ‘Exploring the links between heritage, memory and sense of place in order to understand how older adults interact with their local historic environment’. This research is particularly interested in how culture, heritage and local historic places contribute to older adults’ experiences of healthy ageing and ageing in place.


Using Photovoice, I conducted a number of workshops with older adults in order to gain a greater understanding of how they use, perceive and value their local historic places, and of the role that historic places play in ageing.  In this seminar, I will be discussing the results of the Photovoice project, and the links that presented themselves between heritage, memory and sense of place.

The next steps of my research will involve interviewing planning and heritage professionals, to evaluate whether/how knowledge of healthy ageing and ageing in place is currently being integrated into the development and maintenance of historic places. I will then draw up a list of recommendations for the future.’

Contact our PGR Coordinator Sander van der Jagt for further information.